Will Your Swimming Pool Require A Fence Around It By Law?

Will Your Swimming Pool Require A Fence Around It By Law?

Are you allowed to put up a swimming pool without a fence?

From Guardian Pool Fence

When one is planning a swimming pool project in one’s backyard, most homeowners assume that they will have to put up a self-closing, self-latching gated fence around the pool.  What these people in some instances find out is that either the fence ruins the aesthetic that they are trying to achieve, or the municipality doesn’t necessarily require a fence.  This post from Guardian Pool Fence addresses the issue head-on, and attempts to argue that even in municipalities in which a fence isn’t required, it is still a necessary protection for the homeowner and his neighbors.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Laws vary in municipalities regarding the legality of unfenced pools, but most if not all homeowner’s policies stipulate that all pools must be enclosed by fences of a certain height. In most states, swimming pools fall into the category of attractive nuisances, meaning that the pool presents both an attraction and a danger to small children who may access the pool without permission and drown. Homeowner’s policies or riders will not pay damages for pools that are not fenced in, leaving the homeowner personally liable for any misadventures resulting from deaths or injuries incurred in or around the unfenced pool. That is just the legal ramification — imagine the personal toll it would take to know that your carelessness or negligence caused a child to drown.

Fences and locking gates are necessary around Jacuzzi spas as well as pools. In addition to providing privacy for those enjoying the water, they offer a layer of protection from disaster and legal liability should an accident occur on your premises.

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