What Are Phosphates and Why Are They In My Swimming Pool

What Are Phosphates and Why Are They In My Swimming Pool

The Truth About Phosphates in Pool Water

From Swim University

Many people encounter phosphates for the first time when they are told by their swimming pool professional that they have them in the water.  They are usually told that phosphates are a food source for algae, and that they need to get rid of them using chemicals.  Unfortunately, people don’t understand why they have the phosphates in the first place, and the reasons behind the need to control them.  This post from Matt Giovanisci from Swim University helps to clear the air (and water) about phosphates, their origins, and why it is so important to control them.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

My friend Dave — who lets me film pool care videos at his house — called to tell me he was having a problem with algae. He told me he went to the pool store to get his water tested and he was told he had a high amount of phosphates in his water, and he needed to remove them.

Dave did what he was told and added a phosphate remover to his water to get rid of the algae. So what happened? He still had a green pool. He spent over $25 for a chemical that did nothing to solve the problem he was having, but instead, left white sediment on the bottom of his pool — now he has two problems.

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