Some Great Landscaping Ideas for Your Swimming Pool Plan

Some Great Landscaping Ideas for Your Swimming Pool Plan

Three Great Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool

From Guardian Pool Fence

Its the time of year that people are planning and executing their backyard renovation plans for the upcoming season.  If those plans will include a swimming pool, then this post is going to be a great help.  Invariably, a backyard renovation with a swimming pool isn’t as simple as dropping a pool in place and walking away.  The elements that make up a swimming pool project include pool patio or decking, fencing, irrigation, lighting and of course, landscaping.  This post from Guardian Pool Fence gives some simple landsacape ideas for swimming pool projects to get the creative juices flowing.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Landscaping Ideas For Your Pool

Landscaping by the pool can make your pool look much better, increasing the value of your home. Whether you want to get technical with concrete features, fountains, gardens, or if you want a simple landscape for your pool every touch makes it better! With many future hours to spend by your pool now is a great time to make you pool look as homie as you can. Here are some great pool landscaping ideas that you can do look and feel great.

Add a garden

This classic idea is probably the easiest to do that will drastically change how your pool looks. Planning is always the most important thing to do before you create a garden. Things to plan for are the theme, the colors of your garden, raised vs. un-raised flower beds, container use, flowers vs no flowers, and many more options.

Add featured lighting

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