The Many Benefits of Swimming For Senior Citizens

The Many Benefits of Swimming For Senior Citizens

Health Benefits Of Swimming Every Senior Should Know 

From Discount Medical Supplies

As we age, it becomes harder and harder to stay active.  Running, Biking, and other vigorous higher impact activites become harder for seniors, and cause injury.  The importance of staying active to maintain health and longevity cannot be overstated, however.  This post from Discount Medical Supplies presents swimming as the perfect answer for seniors to stay active and healthy.  Swimming offers benefits to muscles, coordination and posture, joints, and overall health.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Many people become increasingly less active as they get older. They may believe that they are too old to keep themselves in good shape. This is completely untrue, because many seniors are even more active than people half their age. In fact, this past week 64 year old Diana Nyad became the first person in history to swim across the Florida Strait without a shark cage. Nyad tried accomplishing this feat since she was 29 years old but wasn’t able to succeed until this year.

You should try to stay as active as possible when you are older. Living an active lifestyle can help you live longer and stay healthier. One of the best ways to do so is by swimming. You may want to try using one of the best above ground swimming pools each day to keep yourself in good condition.

Why Are The Benefits of Swimming?

There are a number of ways that swimming can help you stay healthy. Here are some advantages that you may want to be aware of.

Weight Management

Swimming every day is one of the best ways that seniors can lose weight. Seventy-one year old DeEtte Sauer recently lost over 100 pounds by swimming every day. Her family said that she looks better than she has in years and is glad that she decided to swim every day.

Following a strict weight loss regimen can be difficult for many older people. Swimming seems to be much easier for them than most other weight loss workouts.

Muscle Benefits

Our muscle tissue begins to break down over time. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many exercises that you can to build and tone your muscles. Some people still do weight training when they get older, but their ability to do so is limited as they start to develop joint, bone and muscle problems. They need to engage in other exercises to build their muscles. Most people can keep swimming as they get older.

Helps Coordination and Posture

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