Hot Tub Care and Maintenance In Three Easy Steps

Hot Tub Care and Maintenance In Three Easy Steps

How to Maintain Your Spa or Hot Tub

from Wiki How

In large portions of the Country, the Hot Tub represents the only water recreation that one will experience until around June.  Hot tubs provide therapy, warmth, and relaxation to countless Americans during the winter months as well as the Summer months.  Unfortunately, due to the smaller volume of water compared to a swimming pool, as well as the super heated temperatures desired, the hot tub is a volatile entity that requires vigilance in the maintenance regimen.  Luckily, this post from Wiki How provides a simple-to-follow guide to hot tub maintenance that will make the daunting task manageable.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Taking care of your spa is simple and important to keeping your water clean and the spa running well. Good spa maintenance involves regularly cleaning the cover and filter of your spa and checking the chemical levels and adding the right chemicals as needed. It is especially important to maintain the right chemical levels in your hot tub because your spa equipment will corrode if the chemical levels are too high and bacteria can take over if the chemical levels are too low. Simple cleaning for your cover clean, as well, will help keep your spa working better longer and protect from bad bacteria and germs. Overall, regular attention to your spa maintenance will keep your hot tub water sparkling and inviting for all bathers.

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