Who Doesn’t Love A Video Of Epic Belly Flops?

Who Doesn’t Love A Video Of Epic Belly Flops?

Fail Compilation | Belly Flops

From Funny Fellaz Youtube Channel

We’ve all seen it, and we’ve all probably at one time experienced it;  whether it be accidentally or intentionally.  The belly flop sometimes rears its ugly head at pool parties, by those who are a little long in the waistband.  For your viewing pleasure, kindly take 80 seconds out of your hectic schedule for a chuckle at the most hilarious and likely painful belly flops.

Here is an excerpt from the video description:

Summer is coming, which means pool parties. Which means belly flops.

Who doesn’t love a good belly flop? It creates a gigantically enormous splash you can see for miles, and how about that sound? That ever-so-distinct sound of huge stretches of human skin smacking into water at pace. It’s marvelous. Even the belly flopper—once he gets past the searing pain and bright red skin—gets to revel in being the life of the party. Until someone yells “CANNONBALL!”

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