Professionals Identify Their Favorite Water Park Features To Incorporate For Your Residential Pool

Professionals Identify Their Favorite Water Park Features To Incorporate For Your Residential Pool

Pros’ Picks
A look at the most useful and exciting waterpark products, selected by the people who know them best

From Aquatics International

For those that pay close attention to the residential swimming pool market, this is no secret:  Commercial Waterpark features eventually are demanded by residential swimming pool owners.  Most of the innovations in residential swimming pool design and construction have been spurned and inspired by features that people have enjoyed at pubic facilities.  Most people either encounter these amenities while on vacation, or at a local waterpark.  This post from Aquatics International polls some of the top aquatic designers and engineers for their current favorite water park amenities, which may be appearing in one form or another at a residential swimming pool near you.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Private cabanas, premium seating and high-tech filtration systems are just a few of the products that waterparks today are incorporating into their businesses. Here is a look at some of the specific items that waterparks around the country have added.

Steve LooseGeneral Manager, Water World, DenverProduct: Mile High Flyer Water SlideManufacturer: Proslide (
We added an attraction last year called the Mile High Flyer, made by Proslide. It’s a water coaster ride and, for us, it’s the first time we’ve offered an experience where the rider actually goes uphill. The ride uses linear induction motors that take the boat up the hill and then you float when you’re going down the hill. Putting in the first water coaster ride had a big impact on our park.
It’s a ride that’s common in the industry, but not in our region. We worked with Proslide to design the ride to fit the hillside where we put it, tailoring it to the footprint of our park. We added theming and sound effects to give it the feel of an old-fashioned roller coaster. We opened it at the end of June last year and it’s our most popular ride. The Mile High Flyer typically has a wait time in excess of an hour. It’s so popular, it has changed where people go in the park.

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