Endless Pool Swim Spas Could Be Your Fitness Solution

Endless Pool Swim Spas Could Be Your Fitness Solution


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The fitness benefits that can be gained from swimming are well attested.  Unfortunately, in large portions of the country where the seasons change, outdoor pools are closed and will remain so until May or June.  The alternative, of course, is an indoor pool, but these can be orders of magnitude more expensive than outdoor pools as they require a building and dehumidification systems.  Enter the swim machine, swim spa, or endless pool.  This self contained vessel provides a current against which to swim in a reduced footprint.  These systems are also available to add to an existing pool for those exercise conscious swimmers that don’t have a 75’0″ swim lane.  Could this be just the solution for your fitness New Year’s resolution?

Here is an excerpt from the post:

While many pool owners in seasonal climates are getting ready to close their pools, swim spas are an option that allow you to swim year-round. And for those who already own a pool, a swim current generator can turn almost any pool into a lap pool.

We spoke to Mark Langan, marketing director at Endless Pools, to learn more about the benefits of swim spas and swim current generators, and get tips on choosing the best model to fit your needs.

PoolSpaOutdoor.com: What are the top reasons your customers purchase a swim spa? Are they more interested in fitness, the swim spa/hot tub combination, at-home convenience, etc.?

Endless Pools swim spa modern indoor roomMark Langan, Endless Pools: People purchase an Endless Pool Swim Spa for all of those reasons and more.

Our customers certainly tend to be fitness-conscious, and the ability to offer them an unmatched swim current along with the relaxation and therapy benefits of a hot tub results in a great combination.

The at-home convenience of a swim spa is a major benefit. There’s a big difference in being able to relax and exercise at home versus packing up your gear, driving to the gym or pool, trying to find an open swim lane, showering and removing the excessive chlorine, and then driving back home.

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