Some of The Scariest, Yet Amazing Hotel Swimming Pools In The World

Some of The Scariest, Yet Amazing Hotel Swimming Pools In The World

The 10 scariest hotel swimming pools in the world

From Lost At E Minor

The art of swimming pool design and construction has been moving forward at a breakneck pace.  Skilled artisans are pushing the envelope as to what is possible, and seemingly are wowing the public with each technological advance.  Applied to the hotel industry, these works of art provide a destination that is frequently the main attraction at the hotel.  Sometimes, these designs can be extremely scary and intimidating for the patrons, as is the case with the gallery that is presented in this post from Lost at E Minor.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

1. The Hemeroscopium House in Madrid [above] sports a pool that shouldn’t be physically possible. This gravity defying wonder actually runs the full length of the house and extends over the side. But don’t be worry: this lovely, minimalist house also has a ground floor pool for you scaredy-cats out there.

2. This all-natural pool is the scariest option Mother Nature has to offer. The pool sits above Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe and allows dare devils to swim 100 feet above the river below. There’s nothing between vacationers and a horrid drop except a natural underwater rock wall. Ouch.

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