Swimming Is Both The Best, And The Worst Sport

Swimming Is Both The Best, And The Worst Sport

10 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best (And The Worst) Sport

From Mindbodygreen

Swimming is a singular sport and form of exercise and recreation.  This tongue-in-cheek post from mindbodygreen exalts the postives of the sport of swimming, while also stating the obvious drawbacks that are associated with spending hours in chlorinated water.  We think that the positives outweigh the negatives, as swimming is a lifelong activity that can have huge benefits to one’s mind, body and soul.  Click here to judge for yourself…

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming is the best sport ever. It could also be the worst sport ever. Swimming allows you to eat 8,000 calories a day. It also makes you smell as though you’ve bathed yourself in abrasive disinfectants and morphs you into a nap-crazed zombie with an insatiable appetite.

Here are 10 reasons why swimming is the best – and maybe the worst – sport ever:

1. Swimming makes you equal parts confident and awkward.

That’s just what happens when you spend part of your day half-naked wearing Spandex in public.

2. Swimmers see more sunrises than anyone else.

On the one hand, swimmers see more sunrises than 90% of the population. On the other, witnessing that beautiful and majestic sunrise occurs while swimming/puking/freezing/shivering/regretting life.

3. Swimming makes you smarter. Or does it?

An Australian study reported that kids who swim are more advanced than their non-swimming counterparts. However, too much chlorine may severely damage the brain cells, as evident by Ryan Lochte’s recent tweet: