A List of Easy Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

A List of Easy Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

10 Easy Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

from Swim University

In many parts of the country during the Winter months, the hot tub sees the only swimming pool activity.  Until Memorial day, hot tubs serve many purposes for people, including relaxation, therapy, and recreation.  Unfortunately, because the vessel of water is smaller, and the water is super-heated, hot tub care and maintenance is very different than a regular swimming pool.  This post from Matt Giovanisci at Swim University presents a handy guide to hot tub care and maintenance, and shows that armed with the proper knowledge, the hot tub can be a great winter distraction, free from issues.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Taking care of your hot tub is a lot like taking care of your car. It needs routine maintenance to keep it running like new.

Our site is packed full of useful information about taking care of your hot tub, but I’ve put together a video, of what I think, are the best hot tub maintenance tips to get you started, or help you continue on the path to excellent hot tub care.

Here are the tips that are mentioned in the video along with links to more in-depth content:

1. Use tennis balls to attract oils in your water

Hot water extracts oils, lotions and soap from your body and clothes, and sometimes your filters won’t be able to get them out. The fibers on a tennis ball will aid in attracting these extractions and get them out of the hot tub.

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