Winter Inground Pool Care Tips

Winter Inground Pool Care Tips

Caring for Your Pool: Five Things to do Before Winter Comes

From Guardian Pool Fence

Taking care of an inground swimming pool for the harsh winter months entails more than just putting on a winter cover, says this post from Guardian Pool Fence.  As the post goes on to state, an inground swimming pool is a major investment, and there are five key things that a swimming pool owner must do to protect their investment before old man winter comes.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Before the winter comes

After months of fun, sun and great exercise in your swimming pool throughout the summer months, it’s time to prepare and protect your pool for the coming winter weather. Winterizing your pool involves much more than fitting it with a protective cover in order to keep out falling leaves and other debris. A swimming pool represents a major investment for most homeowners, and there are five key things to do when caring for your pool before winter makes its official arrival.

Thorough Cleaning

Because your pool will be sitting idle for several months, it is very important that you take the time and energy to clean it out thoroughly. Get out the brush and vacuum from the storage closet and ensure that no dirt and debris is left in the pool as part of the winterization process. During your cleaning operation, take note if you notice any cracks or leaks that may have gone undetected during the summer months and schedule any swimming pool leak repair so that your pool will be ready for another season’s full enjoyment when you reopen it again next year.

Add Proper Chemicals

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