Looking for Holiday Weight Loss in a Unique Way? Consider a Hot Tub Bike!

Looking for Holiday Weight Loss in a Unique Way? Consider a Hot Tub Bike!

Fit Wet: The Exercise Hot Tub Bike

from Spring Dance Hot Tubs

Exercise isn’t easy, otherwise we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in the United States.  Our overindulgence, particularly during the holiday season is potentially damaging to our health, and has uncalculable costs to society.  Those that are looking to workout to lose the excess weight are sometimes discouraged by the intensity of the exercises, and other times thwarted by injures caused by higher impact workouts.  This post from Spring Dance Hot Tubs presents a familiar exercise that can help shed those unwanted pounds, in an unfamiliar place.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

I saw a news item yesterday introducing the Fit Wet: An Exercise Hot Tub Bike. And I thought, “A WHAT?”
Apparently* a company is introducing a product that features a bike in a small hot tub. The jets move over your body as you pedal the bike. The Fit Wet Hot Tub Bike makes claims like: Restores the articular flexibility, reloads calcium to the bones and fights water retention. Sounds great right? But would you pay $18,770 for it?
While exercising in water is known to be better for your joints, there are simple hot tub exercises that can be done in the hot tub you already own. Or if you want to exercise in water you can buy a hot tub for much less than $18,000 and not only will you have a space for water exercises, but you’ll have a place to relax after work, enjoy family time, alone-time with a loved one or a center-piece for a hot tub party!

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