Swimming Pool and Landscape Design Ideas For Smaller Yards

Swimming Pool and Landscape Design Ideas For Smaller Yards

Design and Landscaping Ideas for Small Pools

From Pool FYI

For those people who either live in an urban setting, or just don’t have a sprawling yard in which to install a residential waterpark, the idea of having a spectacularly designed inground swimming pool or professional landscape is usually a pipe dream.  What these people don’t realize is that having a compact space with which to work does not necessarily preclude one from having a phenomenal waterscape.  This post from Pool FYI shows exactly why good things can definitely come in small packages.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Love the idea of having a pool in your yard but don’t think you have the space for it? Small pools can be the ideal solution. Consider these landscaping and design ideas for an attractive, compact poolscape.

A Compelling Secondary Focal Point While the pool itself will be a primary focal point in your yard, choosing a secondary focal point can make for a dynamic backyard design. Examples of compelling secondary focal points might be a group of tall palm trees, an interesting pattern made of patio pavers at one corner or side of the pool area, a covered lounge area, a rock formation or a waterfall. Enclosed Greenery Accents Create a lush, uplifting setting around your smaller pool by adding brick planters to loosely frame the area and set it apart from the rest of the yard. Large square or round pots can serve this design purpose as well; just take care not to surround the pool entirely, or it might feel cramped and closed off. Choose a mixture of tall trees and flowering plants in your planters to open up the area and add visual interest.  

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