Gallery of Contemporary Inground Swimming Pools That Will Thrill Your Senses

Gallery of Contemporary Inground Swimming Pools That Will Thrill Your Senses

40 Spectacular Pools That Will Rock Your Senses

From Design Rulz

Whether is is the use of spectacular glass tile, sophisticated edge treatments, exotic stones and rockwork from around the world, or over-the-top commercial waterpark features brought into the backyard, modern pool design is truly an amazing artistic expression.  No longer is a swimming pool merely a concrete hole in the ground with a santization system that is completely utilitarian.  This gallery from Design Rulz shows some of the best representations of the artform in this post, and these pools truly inspire.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

In case you are looking for other exquisite contemporary pool designs, not too long ago we published the most spectacular contemporary pools presented on Designrulz (45 Amazing Swimming Pools That Can Beautify Your Outdoor Space or 40 Stunning Infinity Pools Around the World).

For today we gathered 40 contemporary pools that will rock your senses. You will probably find most of them spectacular, even unworldly. A large pool and a beautiful landscape are enough to transform a common day into a special one. The most stunning designs are integrated in fascinating natural landscapes. Even if your luxury pool is still just a dream, our gallery is important: it gives you an idea of what to look forward to when your dream becomes a reality. Hope you’ll find great suggestions!

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