Methods For Easy Fall Leaf Removal From Your Inground Swimming Pool

Methods For Easy Fall Leaf Removal From Your Inground Swimming Pool

Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Extreme Leaf Removal

From In The Swim

Leaves are orange and falling with abandon everywhere.  Fall is here, and with it comes the crisper cold north air, shorter days, and the end of outdoor swimming.  For those inground swimming pool owners that have tried to stretch out the swimming season for the Indian Summer, those falling leaves represent a maintenance nightmare.  This post from In the Swim presents some unique and proven methods to easily remove these leaves from your swimming pool. 

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Autumn breezes and warm fall days. Beautiful to look at, but if your pool is surrounded by lots of deciduous trees – it can also make a lot of work to keep the pool clean.

I consider myself an expert in pool leaf removal, having personally removed over a million floating and sunken leaves, by my own estimation.

Here’s how to reduce the work, and get the leaves out of your pool with less effort.

Optimize the Skimmer Flow

Adjust the skimmers so that they are pulling at their strongest. You may want to close or nearly close the main drain valve to increase skimmer suction.

weir-2Check to make sure that skimmer weirs? are in place. These help to speed the flow of water into the skimmer, and help to lock leaves inside the skimmer when the pump shuts off.

Skim-It attaches easily to most inground and aboveground pool skimmers, an arm that reaches out and grabs leaves passing by, directing them into the skimmer. One of our best sellers, it can increase your skimmer performance, and the spring loaded design installs or removes in seconds without any tools.

Optimize the Return Flow