Fall Clean Up? Here’s How To Use Leaves To Enhance Your Landscape

Fall Clean Up? Here’s How To Use Leaves To Enhance Your Landscape

Three Ways To Use Your Fall Leaves

From Walpole Outdoors

Fall cleanup is something that many people dread when the temperature turns colder.  Raking leaves, disposing of them, and cleaning up one’s property is one of the necessary evils of being a homeowner.  Instead of bagging the leaves for disposal, or burning them, why not try something different this year?  This post from Walpole Outdoors provides some creative ways to utilize these leaves productively to enhance one’s outdoor living experience in the fall.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Brace yourself – we are only a few weeks away from drowning in fallen leaves.

When your yard becomes unrecognizable and your driveway slick, while completely dry, you are most likely going to head out there with a rake to try and mitigate the situation even though the leaves will continue to fall.

This is our autumn ritual, and it will not go away.

This year why not try something different. Instead of bagging the leaves up in trash bags (eeek!) find some more creative uses for them that can be fun, educational, and environmentally friendly!


One great, and environmentally friendly, way to utilize your fall leaves is in compost. Once shredded (something that you can do with the lawn mower or leaf shredder if you have one) the leaves become a great high-carbon material in your compost. When spliced in with your general compost components the leaves can speed the process up leaving some beautiful, nutrient rich soil for the spring. You can also save a garbage bag or two of the fall leaves for spring when you can add them to dry it out instead of having to use other materials (like strips of newspaper) on a soggy compost.

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