Can An Inground Swimming Pool Increase Your Home’s Value?

Can An Inground Swimming Pool Increase Your Home’s Value?

Do Swimming Pools Increase Home Value?

From Rising Sun Pools

Inground Swimming Pools are a major investment, there is no question about that.  Some people may wonder if the investment will pay off when selling a home?  This post from Rising Sun Pools addresses this issue in their local market, which is Raleigh, NC.  The answer may surprise you, and will be welcome news to those looking to add a swimming pool for recreation and creating memories.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

n the Raleigh area, the answer is yes!

If you’re considering installing a pool, you probably have a lot of questions — not least among them being whether or not your new swimming pool will add value to your home. Linda Craft, a local Triangle REALTOR, addressed this issue on her blog “High Dive or Belly Flop? How Swimming Pools Affect Raleigh Home Values.”

On the blog, Linda’s realty team asserts:

“Closed properties with pools are bringing in 5% to 10% higher than those without pools. It is not 100% ROI but is it is clear that there is a more positive outlook on them than ever before.”

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