Platinum Pools Offers Wet Edge Swimming Pool Finishes

Platinum Pools Offers Wet Edge Swimming Pool Finishes


Offering over 70 different color choices in 6 distinct product lines, Wet Edge represents a revolution in swimming pool surfacing.  



Wet Edge finishes feature hand selected pebbles, ocean glass, shells, and other unique components to provide the most beautiful, heartiest swimming pool surface available anywhere.  




Some of the unique aspects to Wet Edge are:

1.  Quality Materials and Processing-Using naturally round pebbles from Quarries owned and operated by Wet Edge, the surface contains materials that are simply unique to Wet Edge

2.  Pebble Edge Admixtures-Using German Engineered Polymers, the fortified cement represents the cutting edge of cement technology

3.  Certified Installers-Chosen for their commitment to quality and service, Wet Edge certified installers are the best in the business.


Platinum Pool is proud to offer Wet Edge swimming pool finishes on our pools.  Find out why Wet Edge is the most advanced development in pool surfaces in swimming pool industry history.

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