It’s Cold And Flu Season, So Get Your Hot Tub Ready

It’s Cold And Flu Season, So Get Your Hot Tub Ready

Have A Cold? 6 Ways A Hot Tub Can Help You Get Rid Of It

From DR Clouthier

For many of us who suffer from seasonal colds and are suceptible to getting the flu, the reasonable treatment is to head to the pharmacy and grab some cold medicine, vitamin c, throat lozenges, chicken soup and orange juice.  Some of us may even try the zinc supplements that are supposed to ward off colds and shorten the duration as soon as they begin.  This post from DR Clouthier tells us that getting right in one’s hot tub may be the best way to fight and ward off a cold.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Are you aware that the most effective home treatment for combating a common cold is to simply relax in your very own hot tub? The instant you sense something beginning, get into your hot tub. Do this many times per day and you are sure to be surprised.
Below are 6 ways a hot tub can help you get rid of your cold.

Crank up the heat
Elevating your body temperature can help your body combat the quickly spreading cold virus. Turn up the hot tub heat to about 104 degrees.
Use your hot tub often
Every few hours go for twenty minute soaks and keep soaking until you begin to feel better. The idea here is to get your body temperature elevated and to keep it elevated so that you sweat.
Relieve Body Aches and Pains
When we are fighting a bug our bodies are inclined to hurt everywhere. Heat therapy can do miracles for getting rid of the aches and pains related to a cold.
Clears your Nasal Passages

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