Considering A Deck For Your Landscape Design?

Considering A Deck For Your Landscape Design?

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space With a Deck

From Neave Carpentry

Decks have an important place in Architecture of the home, as well as Landscape design.  Decks, whether multi-tiered, attached to a bedroom or living area, or transitional decks can help round out any outdoor space, provide otherwise unusable living space, and can help address elevation issues between the existing home and the landscape.  Additionally, says this post from Neave Carpentry, decks can be the ideal solution for large homes on smaller lots, or backyards with severe slopes away from the home.  The post goes on to talk about the different types of decks, material choices, and costs.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

We’ve been working the past few months with the Fox family to transform their landscape into something beautiful and more livable. A big part of that has been the tiered deck that extends from their home into the backyard.

The Neave Group team talks a lot about patio design on our blogs, but the Fox project has reminded us in a big way just how much fun it can be to design and install beautiful, long-lasting decks.

Let’s address some of the most common questions we get about decks.

Why build decks?
Most importantly, decks open up a larger usable area of your landscape. Many of our clients have designed multi-tier decks that begin as a private retreat from the master suite on an upper floor and descend into a larger space for family and friends to gather.

In that vein, it’s also a great way to make the most of a large home with a smaller backyard. Don’t ignore the design freedom vertical space can offer you!

Decks are also a great way to optimize an irregular landscape. For example, if you live on steeply sloped land, you can build a deck that extends out onto it instead of worrying about grading and flattening it out for a patio space.

Finally, decks and patios need not be an either/or situation! Blending materials in your landscape can create a dynamic outdoor living space.

What Design Options Are There For Decks?
The best part about decks is the design freedom they offer. You can use both the dimensions of your home and the layout of your landscape to dictate your design.

Decks can be built as far out from your home as you’d like, in any direction, with multiple levels, if you’d like. A deck can be as low to the ground or as high as you’d like.

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