Nothing Adds Drama To Swimming Pools Like Fire & Water

Nothing Adds Drama To Swimming Pools Like Fire & Water

Fire & Water Features

From Landscaping Network

7 ways to add drama to your landscape with fire and water elements

You’ve probably seen the fabulous pictures across the internet and in design and home magazines featuring firebowls, firepits, and fire strips around swimming pools.  Fire attracts attention, and creates amazing action and drama in any outdoor living design, but especially when combined with water.  Two of the most ancient elements that are associated with mystery, life, and spirituality come together in these amazing swimming pool designs that combine these two elements amazingly.  This post from Landscaping Network showcases these combination features which represent the latest innovation in the ever-changing swimming pool design and outdoor living design arena.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

We’ve all heard the phrase opposites attract. This new landscaping trend may be further proof of this phenomenon. Lately we’ve seen more and more designers combining fire and water to create eye-catching focal points. This example is in the small backyard of a Boise townhome. Designed as the hub of the central seating area, this fountain also serves double duty as a fire pit. The homeowners had requested a water feature and fire pit, but there simply wasn’t enough room for both. So designer Terry Sims of The Garden Artist dreamt up this one-of-a-kind combination fire and water element.

Fire and water features have become especially popular around pools. The addition of three fire and water features along the edge of this pool provides a multisensory experience. The sight of the flickering fire and the sound of the gently splashing water add to the overall nighttime atmosphere of this backyard. The plumbing and gas line for each of these is hidden within the masonry column they sit atop. Pat Henry, owner of Prestige Pools suggests that if you are planning to include similar features near your pool, odd numbers are always best because they are more appealing to the eye.

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