Swimming Pool Myths–Fact or Fiction?

Swimming Pool Myths–Fact or Fiction?


From SwimmingPool.com

If you have ever used a swimming pool and had that familiar urge to go to the bathroom, you’ve probably heard the myth about a chemical that turns red, blue, or green when contacting urine.  You’ve also probably heard that swimming immediately after eating is a no-no.  Are these long-standing opinions surrounding swimming pools based on fact, or just wives tales that have been passed down through the generations to discourage certain behaviors?  This post from Swimmingpool.com addresses the most common myths and apocryphal stories surrounding the swimming pool, and tells you once and for all if the myths are based in fact.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

“Don’t swim for at least an hour after eating, you’ll get sick!”
“Pool chlorine will turn blonde hair green!”
“Don’t pee in the pool! Your urine will turn blue!”
We’ve heard all the advice. But are they true? Today we are going to examine a few of the common pool legends and discover whether they are true or just myths!

Wait an hour after you eat to swim or you will get cramps.
Myth: Some Truth
How many times did your mom tell you this one, but it was SOOOO hard to wait to cannonball into that cool pool on those hot summer days?!? The truth is, when your stomach is digesting food, more blood goes to your stomach to aid in digestion, leaving less blood in your other muscles. If you overwork those muscles while swimming, you MAY get a cramp, but not likely. To avoid making this “momism” a reality, be sure to eat a lighter meal and ease back into swimming after eating.

There’s too much chlorine in the pool because I can smell it!

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