Taylor Swift Has Made This Pool Accessory The Hottest On The Market

Taylor Swift Has Made This Pool Accessory The Hottest On The Market

The Singer and the Swan


What does it take for a seemingly benign pool float to become the hottest swimming pool accessory available in the world?  If you guessed that it takes Taylor Swift to make an instagram post while using it, you guessed correctly.  Check out this post from Aqua Magazine that discusses the meteoric rise of this simple swimming pool float, and how Taylor Swift is driving sales to unforseen levels.  Do you have one of these in your backyard inground swimming pool?  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Almost everything Taylor Swift does feeds into popular media, so it was only a matter of time before she created a small sensation for the aquatics industry. The pop music phenomenon has recently drawn attention as the Swan Princess of Song — at least where inflatable swans are concerned.

As unlikely as it may seem, Ms. Swift’s public association with an elegant pneumatic swan has sent sales of blowup waterfowl through the roof. It all started in June when she posted an image on Instagram of herself and boyfriend Calvin Harris riding a blow-up swan in a beautiful residential pool. As is often the case with celebrity tweets and posts, the image immediately went viral, creating a sharp upsurge of interest in creative pool toys, particularly swans.

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