Your Hot Tub Can Help You Cure Your Cold and Flu

Your Hot Tub Can Help You Cure Your Cold and Flu

How Using Hot Tubs Can Help With Colds and Flu

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This time of year, colds and influenza infections are running rampant across the U.S.  The changing of the seasons along with intermittenly wetter and colder Fall temperatures bring on these miserable colds and flus to millions.  Usually when infected, the victim runs to the pharmacy or grocery store to buy daytime or nighttime cold medicines to ameliorate the symptoms, try to drink lots of fluids and take their vitamins.  Beyond these measures, getting lots of sleep and foregoing vigorous activities are usually prescribed.  This post from articles base presents a new-age way to deal with these seasonal afflictions, by utilizing the super-heated water of one’s hot tub.  Who knew that a hot tub could be theraputic in this manner?

Here is an excerpt from the post:

At this time of year there are plenty of coughs and colds doing the rounds. Symptoms can range from sore throats, congestion and body aches to full on flu. A hot tub is not only a wonderful form of relaxation it can also help your body fight a cold or the flu and may even shorten the duration of your cold.

Hot Tubs Raise Your Body Temperature

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that raising your body temperature will help your body to fight germs, hence why we sometimes get a fever when we’re ill. So switch your spa hot tub up to hot –about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to fight off a cold, the water in your hot tub needs to be hot enough to raise your body temperature to make you sweat. Remember, it can take a while for hot tubs to heat up, so set it up early on and check the temperature regularly.

Hot Tubs Relieve Aches and Pains

Body aches are a typical symptom of cold and flu. Hot tubs are renowned for relieving such aches and pains. The warm water helps to relax muscles and jet streams of a spa hot tub can provide more relief by massaging the muscles. In order to get the full benefit, try using the hot tub as often as you can when you have a cold. Try to keep your body elevated as this also helps.

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