Some Common Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

Some Common Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

Swimming Pool Care Myths

From Pool & Spa Warehouse

Everyone has heard an anecdotal story or two about swimming pools.  These myths can not only be misleading, but they can actually be dangerous to one’s health if they are misconstrued.  This post from The Pool and Spa Warehouse lists some of these commonly misleading and potentially dangerous myths, and presents the truth about them to set the record straight.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As summer heats up and your pool’s hit max usage, there are a few sneaky little swimming pool myths that we feel we need to eradicate once and for all; for the health of you and your pool.

Chlorine in your pool makes hair turn green.

In fact, it is not the chlorine that results in slightly green tinted hair over summer but the pool cleaning chemicals used to control algae and that leach from internal fixtures. The presence of copper in your pool, for example, is a common cause of hair discolouration.

The smell of chlorine around a pool means that the pool is well sanitized.

Contrary to popular belief, this smell indicates quite the opposite. The smell of swimming pool chemicals around your pool is evidence of the existence of chloramines in your pool, a chemical produced when chlorine reacts with external contaminants, such as urine or perfume. This smell is in fact indicative of a need for more chlorine. The presence of chloramines often results in skin and eye irritation.

It is ok to swallow pool water on occasion because it is disinfected.

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