Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness of Swimming Pool Myths

Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness of Swimming Pool Myths

Top Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

Water and Pools: Sorting Out Truth From Fiction

From About.com Pool and Patio

When it comes to swimming pools of all kinds, there exists no shortage of urban legends, myths, and misconceptions that have been accepted as fact.  Who among us hasn’t heard that if a certain chemical is placed into the pool and someone pees in the pool, the chemical will turn colors and reveal the pool pee-er?  This post from About.com Pool and Patio takes a mythbusting tact to this an many other popular urban myths to separate truth from fiction.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

When it comes to swimming and swimming pools, myths run rampant, making it a challenge to wade through fact from fiction. We expose some of the more common myths and sort them out for you.

1. Pee-Revealing Pool Chemicals
You’ve heard about it for years and have probably seen it used as the subject of running gags in movies (Grownups): a special chemical added to pool water will turn it green (or red, blue or purple) when someone urinates in the pool.

According to a survey conducted by the Water Quality and Health Council, one in five Americans admits to peeing in a pool. But there is no special chemical that will reveal the urinator or catch him or her in the act. So, get out of the pool, find the nearest bathroom, and take care of your toileting in an appropriate designated space.

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