Modern Pools Are Sleek, Clean, Balanced and Spectacular!

Modern Pools Are Sleek, Clean, Balanced and Spectacular!

Best 12 Modern Pool Designs by Serenity Pools

From Stylish Eve

Modern inground swimming pool designs feature clean lines, uniformity, balance, symetry, and in some cases, sophisticated edge treatments.  Not every home or design taste calls for a modern swimming pool design,  but when the right home and landscape meets a skilled modern swimming pool designer, the results can be sublime.  This post from Stylish Eve presents a dozen examples of when this confluence occurred with spectacular results.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Pools give you an instant feeling of luxury, fun, relaxation and relief, besides the marvelous design they give to your outdoors. In this post, we have collected the best twelve modern pool designs presented by Serenity Pools. These prominent pools come in a minimalist design that makes every little detail or color shade clearly visible. The size and design of the pool depend basically on the space of your outdoor area, and you will easily notice that Serenity Pools can accommodate more than one pool in a single outdoor space, or make a small private pool division inside the main pool itself. The sleek straight outlines make the pools well defined, and the beautiful small mosaic tiles give them an artistic view.

Nowadays, modern pools are mostly characterized by having immersed spot lights at distances that give a panoramic view when lit at night, and you may find some waterfalls for a fancy touch in some of the designs. Pools can have square or rectangular shapes like most ordinary pools, but the L-shaped pools are also available and constructed in the convenient outdoors. Having stairs inside your pool is another feature favored by most people, and you can even have a smaller pool at a higher level than that of the principal one, so as to provide much more fun!! It’s time to check out the pool designs and find the one that suits your house most.

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