What State Has The Most Inground Swimming Pools?

What State Has The Most Inground Swimming Pools?

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Ever wonder how many inground swimming pools exist in the United States?  How about which state in the union that has the most inground swimming pools?  This post from AQUA shows a recent survey from P.K. Data on swimming pools in the United States, and provides some unexpected results.  Additionally, there is a startling image that represents what the concentrations of swimming pools would look like from a low-earth orbit satellite.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

According to P.K. Data research, there are five million inground residential swimming pools in the U.S. Over 40 percent of them are in two states, California and Florida. What’s more, an equal proportion of all new pools built in 2012 were in those same two states.

If the Boston-Washington DC corridor was a state, it would be the third most pool-populous, with just under 8 percent of inground pools, followed closely by Texas and Arizona. Nothing else comes close, but there are perhaps surprising concentrations in the upper Midwest near Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit.

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