Nature Provides The Most Breathtaking Swimming Pools

Nature Provides The Most Breathtaking Swimming Pools

The world’s nine most incredible natural swimming pools


For the skilled inground swimming pool designer, there are no shortage of tools to derive inspiration.  The different types of edge treatments, material choices, elevation changes, and wonderful vistas and settings provide a bevvy of opportunities to create sublime water creations in backyards and properties.  Nothing can compare, however, to the amazingly beautiful inspiriation that can be gleaned from nature.  This post from provides a gallery of 9 amazing naturally-occurring swimming pools from across the globe.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

INFINITY, horizon, lagoon, lap and plunge – there’s plenty of different types of hotel pools.
But some of the best spots for travellers are home to the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Here’s Expedia’s Listopedia Bucket List for the most stunning natural swimming pools.
Known as the “Sacred Blue Cenote,” this enchanting sinkhole will lure you into her perfect waters. The walk down to the deep cavern promises to be an experience. As you meander through mysterious vines and tropical vegetation, small birds flicker above the trees, and you can’t help but get a sense that something special awaits. This clear blue sink hole needs to be seen to be felt.

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