Complete Your Inground Pool Project With These Amazing Pool Gadgets

Complete Your Inground Pool Project With These Amazing Pool Gadgets

Gadgets for your Swimming Pool


Once your inground pool is complete, it is time to outfit the pool with all the amenities.  Floats, towels, toys, etc. are the little finishing touches that your pool designer or builder doesn’t necessarily provide, but will make your pool that much more fun and usable for your family.  This post from presents the latest and greatest gadgets and toys to provide the “cherry on the sundae” that will put the finishing touches on your wonderful inground pool project.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Pool owners are just like everybody else – they like the cool stuff. Cool stuff is the topic of the day, here’s some of the coolest tech gadgets for your swimming pool.

These aren’t kid’s toys, although we have a lot of pool toys for kids – these are toys for the adults in the house. Most of these you won’t find at poolcenter. Search online if you are interested in finding more information, or buying one of these gadgets for yourself or friends.

If you have a favorite cool pool gadget that isn’t on the list, leave a comment on the bottom of the page to add it to the list.

Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer

solar breeze pool skimmerThe Solar Breeze is a solar powered pool skimmer, roaming your pool surface in search of floating debris. Two paddle wheels motor the device around the pool, and sweep floating debris into the debris chamber. An additional screen inside the chamber filters fine dust and oils, down to 50 microns in size. The Solar Breeze also acts as a chlorinator, with a compartment large enough to hold two 3 inch chlorine tablets.

Jet Net remote control pool skimmerAnother item for the pool that gets inundated with leaves, too many for your skimmer to handle. Instead of breaking out the skimmer net, place the Jet Net in the pool, and use the remote control to direct it to the area of the pool that needs cleaning.

Full size leaf rake snaps in place and is easy to remove and replace. The Jet Net operates on a rechargeable NiMH battery, which gives about an hour of cleaning time. Super combination pool toy and pool tool, the Jet Net sells for $140.

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