5 Great Ways To Create Shade On Your Patio

5 Great Ways To Create Shade On Your Patio

Keep Cool with These Five Patio Shade

From Shade FX

One of the key design elements for any backyard landscape design or outdoor living space is the creation of shade.  There are many elements that can be utlitized to create shade naturally, but an open air patio is much harder to shelter from the blazing sun.  This post from Shade FX gives 5 great ways to accomplish this goal, but utilizing umbrellas, pergolas, trees and canopies.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Whether you wish to have a simple design or an elegant custom shade solution, there are several options available that can provide your shelter from the elements and enhance the style of your outdoor space. Below are some patio shade ideas that will inspire you and help you create a comfortable, functional and beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Traditional Patio Umbrellas for Small Areas

When you think of shading a small area, umbrellas usually come to mind as the most simple, inexpensive way to get some cover. Patio umbrellas can be moved and tilted to block the sun from any direction. A bright colorful umbrella will provide shade and add a burst of vibrancy to any outdoor space. To add a little elegance, try integrating LED lighting under the umbrella canopy to give some soft romantic lighting to your patio table for those late evenings spent outside. When looking for umbrella’s consider the type of fabric that is used, make sure they are durable, UV fade resistant, as well as water and mildew resistant.

2. A Pergola to Add Shade and Charm

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