Where Is The Ideal Hot Tub Location For My Landscape Design?

Where Is The Ideal Hot Tub Location For My Landscape Design?

Customizing Your Hot Tub Location

From Pools, Spas and Patios

There are many decisions that need to me made when designing an outdoor living space.  In the Midwest, or in climate-changing areas, the location of the hot tub is one of the most important.  Is winter use of the hot tub going to be something that is desired?  Should the tub be used in the colder months, should the tub be surrounded by a radiant-heat deck?  Should the tub be near the house, or near a pool house, or inside the swimming pool?  This post from Pools, Spas, and Patios gives some great design tips for hot tubs, including some additional amenities that will enhance the ownership of the hot tub and make the experience of ownership worthwhile and fulfilling.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Once you’ve decided on the perfect spot for your hot tub, there are also a number of options and accessories you can be purchase to help further customize your space.
● Gazebos: These are a great addition for any homeowner looking to create some added privacy, protection from the elements or entertainment space.
● Bars and serving ledges: These are great if you love to entertain. Not everyone wants to get into the hot tub at a party; bar ledges allow your guests to enjoy the hot tub experience without having to get into their bathing suits.
● Covana: This mix between a cover and a gazebo is a good option for shade, shelter and privacy.

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