Fall Is Almost Here–How To Prepare Your Landscape

Fall Is Almost Here–How To Prepare Your Landscape

11 Essential Landscape Tasks for Fall

From Barn Nursery

Believe it or not, we are on the downside of summer heading into Fall.  It’s hard to believe that the 4th of July is in the rearview mirror, but in a few short weeks the kids will be back in school and those halcyon days of extra sunlight and hanging out by the swimming pool will be just a loving memory.  This post from The Barn Nursery gives you a handy guide to preparing for Fall and Winter by tackling the tasks in your garden and landscape that are necessary for Fall.  With proper preparation and care, your outdoor living space will be much healthier and easier to get ready for next years Memorial Day party!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Now is a great time to prepare your lawn and landscape for winter. By completing essential gardening tasks now, your plants and lawn will be prepared for the winter and have everything needed to thrive next spring. Take a look at our 10 Essential Landscape Tasks for Fall.

Fall Landscape

#1 Feed Your Lawn: Feed lawns now to encourage root development. Using a broadcast spreader, apply Organic Healthy Grow Lawn Food or Ferti-lome Winterizer. Great Fall Lawn care Brings Green Spring Lawns!

#2 Kill Perennial Weeds: Fall is a great time to kill perennial weeds in the lawn and in planting beds with Weed Beater Ultra which works in cool temps.

#3 Edge & Mulch Beds: Nothing looks better as the snow melts than clean, edged and mulched beds. Mulch plants that tend to heave in the winter to prevent damage.

#4 Plant Bulbs: The cure for Spring Fever! Plant them around late emerging perennials and ornamental grasses to fill in the empty areas of early spring.

#5 Remove & Dispose: Remove any diseased or infested foliage now to prevent more damage next year.

#6 Prepare Roses: For floribunda, Climbing, Hybrid Tea and grandiflora: remove all foliage, tie canes together, mound of soil, chicken wire or rose collar, mulch. Stop by our garden center for step by step directions, rose collars and more.

#7 Wrap Trees: Wrap newly planted smooth bark trees to prevent frost crack. Protect all trees where deer are present. Tie Arborvitae to prevent snow damage. Our garden center cells both tree wrap and plastic tube trunk protectors.

#8 Apply Wilt Pruf: Spray broadleaf evergreens to prevent winter burn. Also great for extending life of winter greens and Christmas Trees. Wilt Pruf and Wilt Stop are antidesiccants that lock in moisture and prevent seasonal needle drop and environmental damage.

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