Small Isn’t A Bad Thing When It Comes To Patio Designs

Small Isn’t A Bad Thing When It Comes To Patio Designs

Small Patio Designs
8 small patios that make the most of limited space

From Landscaping Network

They say that good things come in small packages.  This age-old quip certainly applies to landscape design.  Just because one doesn’t have multiple sprawling acres to work with, one doesn’t have to resign themself to sub-par landscape design.  Properly planned and executed landscape architecture can turn any space, regardless of size into a functional, beautiful space.  This post from Landscaping Network illustrates this adage perfectly with a post that showcases small patio designs.

This small patio provides the perfect spot for enjoying the lake. Consisting of large 8’x5’ cut bluestone slabs, this patio is just the right size for a coffee table and four club chairs. Elsewhere on the property is a large dining and entertaining patio, but for this space, the owners wanted something more intimate.

For this small front yard patio, the desired effect was seclusion and privacy. A pergola with a sunburst design acts as a ceiling, while a variety of plants screen the patio from neighbors. The patio is made of brownstone with cut out planting beds filled with greenery to soften the design.

In this desert courtyard, there wasn’t much room for a large patio. However, the homeowners did want somewhere they could enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Their designer opted for a small flagstone patio with a four person bistro set. Bits of bright ceramic tiles were added to the joints to add extra personality.

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