It Takes More Than Just Plants To Complement A Swimming Pool Design

It Takes More Than Just Plants To Complement A Swimming Pool Design



Skilled outdoor living and swimming pool designers know what many people don’t immediately realize:  There is way more to designing an outdoor living space that includes an inground swimming pool than just planting a few bushes and plants around the pool.  Thoughtfully planned space allocation, colors, features, traffic patterns, entertaining spaces, etc. all are considerations that make one’s outdoor living space with a pool ideal.  This post from gives some great advice on how to plan the ideal environment around a swimming pool, considering all of the aforementioned considerations.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

So you have the pool and deck of your dreams! Now it’s time to accessorize! Adding your touches of landscaping and decorating is a great way to personalize your backyard. There are so many ways you can do this – with patio furniture, rock gardens, fountains, trees and flowers, etc. We are going to suggest a few ways that you can give it a finished look.

Not Just Plants

The first thing to understand is that landscaping goes far beyond just planting. You need to plan an environment around your pool that makes it not only appealing and comfortable, but accessible. After your deck and walkways are in place, you want to choose plants that will do well in your area. A great way to know is to check with your local nursery or if in doubt, hire a landscape designer. You will want to design your landscape plan to not only coordinate with the design of your house but also with the proportion. Be sure that you choose plants that do not attract pests such as bees, because the last thing you want is for your guests to be scared away. You also want to choose plants and flowers that don’t shed year round, causing excess debris in your pool and on your deck. Remember – plants and trees are great for creating privacy, but you never want them to overtake your backyard, creating more trouble with root systems and drainage.

Relaxing Pool Area Furniture

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