Singapore Is Home To Some Amazing Hotel Swimming Pools

Singapore Is Home To Some Amazing Hotel Swimming Pools

Singapore’s 10 most impressive hotel swimming pools  

From Singapore Business

In terms of modern cities, Singapore is as forward thinking and urban as it gets.  In terms of world rankings, Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial centre, the world’s second largest casino gambling market, one of the world’s top three oil-refining centres, the world’s largest oil-rig producer, and a major hub for ship repair services.  Home to nearly 6 Million people, Singapore also has the world’s highest percentage of Millionaires, with one out of every 6 households being in that category.  It is no wonder, then, that Singapore also has some of the worlds most amazing hotel swimming pools.  This post from Singapore Business presents a gallery of 10 luxury swimming pool designs that one can take in should they decide to visit this jewel of Asia.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Check out world’s longest elevated swimming pool with these photos.

Singapore Business Review worked with hotel comparison website to put together a list of ten of the most impressive hotel swimming pools in Singapore.

From a tucked-away hotel pool with an expansive sea view, to the world’s longest elevated swimming pool, each of these pools boasts an interesting or unusual feature.

Guests will have the opportunity to swim above the lights of the city-state, or float amongst her picturesque skyscrapers. Guaranteed to inspire your next ‘staycation’, here are our ten favourites.

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