Fountains Can Add An Elegant Exclamation Point To Your Landscape

Fountains Can Add An Elegant Exclamation Point To Your Landscape

Luxury Outdoor Fountains with Dramatic Flair

From Luxury Pools

Landscape designers are always looking for proper space allocation, rhythm, repetition, and focus.  There are many ways to create a focal point in a landcape design, or funnel the eye towards a specific feature or set of features.  Even with an inground swimming pool in the design, the focal point can be something elsewhere in the space.  This post from Luxury Pools shows that a fountain feature can be that very crowning jewel on any landscape design, and shows some elegant examples of the state of the art.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

custom water fountain can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your home and landscape. Placed in a courtyard garden, at your home’s front entrance, on the backyard terrace, or incorporated into your luxury pool, a fountain adds a captivating focal point that engages the senses with the soothing sound and sight of its cascade.

The five outdoor fountains below range in size, shape, and design—from a Mediterranean masterpiece to a tropical attraction to a bubbling showpiece–but each is a delightful charm that brings stunning drama to the settings in which it sits.

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