A Brief History of The Swimming Pool

A Brief History of The Swimming Pool


From Hayward

Hvae you ever wondered when the first swimming pool was constructed?  When did ancient man decide to create an alternative to natural bodies of water and create a swimming pool or hot tub specifically for recreation and therapy?  Why did man make this leap?  These and other questions are answered in this brief history of swimming pools by Hayward Pool Products.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming has been around for as long as people have had access to water. Originally, the very sea our ancestors crawled from was the Great Pool of the world, along with the lakes, rivers and ponds that served for what we’ve since replaced with our manmade watering holes.

The first known man-made pools were presumably the best parts of the ancient world, with empires like the Roman one first realizing that a body of water under man’s control was the most convenient kind to swim in. But then the dark ages descended, and as humanity sank into warfare and superstition, the pools were forgotten.

Fortunately, the industrial revolution brought pooldom roaring back from obscurity, and eventually into the backyards of the common man. The British began building pools for competitive swimming in the early 19th century, and it wasn’t long before leisure joined sport as a perfectly good reason to fill a hole with H2O. By the time the 20th century dawned, the United States had constructed its first public and private pools, the ones that would benefit most from what would come to be called America’s Century.

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