Swimming Pools Down Under Are Cutting Edge

Swimming Pools Down Under Are Cutting Edge

Take A Virtual Dip In These 10 Breathtaking Swimming Pools

From Forbes

We’ve all heard that flushing a toilet in the Southern Hemisphere causes the water to swirl in an opposite direction than the Northern Hemisphere.  What also happens is when we in the North are experiencing Winter, those lucky souls Down Under are experiencing Summer.  That phenomenon was in place when this post was originally made, but it doesn’t detract from the beauty and intelligent designs from this Australian swimming pool watershaper.  This post from Houzz via Forbes gives some cutting edge swimming pool designs that consider space, rhythm, and repetition to give some of the most breathtaking swimming pools that you’ll ever see.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 For those of us donning heavy coats and wrapping scarfs snuggly into our collars, swimming might be the last thing on our minds. However, a few Houzz fans from the Southern Hemisphere are merrily frolicking in their cement ponds as their summer solstice comes to pass.

Here are 10 splendid swimming pools by the Melbourne area landscape design company C.O.S. Design. From clever material combinations to challenging uses of space, each one illustrates how thoughtful design can create a special outdoor area worthy of year-round visual pleasure, no matter what the temperature is. Let us all take a virtual holiday and imagine floating carefree in these dreamy pools and appreciate what makes each one of these creations so remarkable.

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