The Case For Owning Your Very Own Inground Swimming Pool

The Case For Owning Your Very Own Inground Swimming Pool

Five Reasons to Own a Pool

There are a hundred reasons to own a pool, but here are a quick five to consider.

From Premier Pools & Spas

Let’s say you have the means, the space, and the desire to own an inground swimming pool, but you are just having trouble justifying the expense.  Your famiy is bugging you to take the plunge, but something inside your head is questioning the decision.  Well, this post from Premier Pools & Spas is just the post that you need to read to help you get over the hump.  Among the myriad reasons that you should own your very own inground swimming pool, Premier gives you 5 that will help you make this commitment to fun, recreation, and building memories for your family.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

1. An Impromptu Vacation: The word “staycation” was coined not too long ago, but the idea behind it has always been one of the great intrinsic benefits of owning a swimming pool. You don’t even need to pack the car up for a drive down the freeway. Your swimming pool is right there waiting for you when you need it. You can be stressed at work at 5 o’clock, and be dipping your toes in the pool by 5:30.

2. Pools = Fun: People have different ideas of fun. Maybe it’s sitting with your eyes closed, listening to the breeze. Or perhaps for you it means running and jumping and laughing with your friends or family. Both extremes and everything in between are possible in a backyard swimming pool. You define the experience.

3. Kids Kids Kids: Fun, health, safety; these are all reasons for introducing your children to swimming sooner rather than later. It’s a natural outlet for their energy, and it teaches them early on the healthy benefits of developing physical strength and endurance. Lastly, it prepares them for instances involving pools, rivers, or even the ocean that you don’t anticipate. Being able to be right there for them as they first learn to swim means that when they’re out of view, you won’t have to worry as much.

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