The Latest And Greatest In Luxury Pool Designs

The Latest And Greatest In Luxury Pool Designs

Check out the world’s largest pool, latest in design

From Ashbury Park Press

It is sometimes instructive to pay attention to macro trends around any industry or business to try to see where the trends are going.  Outdoor Design, and specifically the inground swimming pool industry is no different.  This post from APP gives the latest trends in luxury and custom swimming pool design from around the world.  Discussing such things as the largest pool in the world, the most unique, the latest design features, and many more items to inform one’s own backyard waterpark or outdoor living room.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Top trends

According to the 2014 Trends eBook by the Master Pools Guild, a global network of custom pool builders, there are a variety of swimming pool designs in demand this year.

One trend involves alternative finishes, including aggregated materials such as pebble tec and glass tile.

“(Pebble tec comprises) the finest pebbles and seashells imported from around the world, creating a beautiful and distinctively different finish for the interior of the pool,” the publication states.

Other pool design trends, according to the guild, include ledges, LED lighting, pools with clean lines and knife edges, fire and water features, illusion spas and creating a complete outdoor environment.

Ledges are often referred to as launching platforms for floating toys, or a relaxation area for adults.

With knife-edge designs, the guild says the water sits at the same level as the pool deck, and flows into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter to create a mirror-like effect. Illusion spas are spas which are attached to the pool, or stand alone.

“They can be raised and sit above the water line of the pool, or they can sit just below the water line,” the publication states. “A 360-degree spillover gives the spa a magical effect. A truly unique design.”

The pool

Choices are to be made when building or redoing a refreshing oasis. Above-ground pools are ideal for smaller spaces. But, according to, there are three types of inground pools:

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