What Color Is My Swimming Pool Finish Going to Be?

What Color Is My Swimming Pool Finish Going to Be?


From SwimmingPool.com

The most common misconception and the most common problem that all swimming pool owners, builders, and designers run into boils down to one simple, innocent question, “What color is my pool water going to be?”  Seems innocuous, but it has caused more trepidation, time, and money for more builders, owners, and designers than any other issue.  This post from Swimmingpool.com addresses this bugaboo head on, and gives some great information that can help the consumer and the designer alike go into this process with eyes wide open.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

When selecting a pool finish, the main thing you may want to know is “What color will my pool water be?” Then you ask youself, “Why doesn’t my pool water match the color in the pictures in the catalog or on the website?”

The pictures with this article clearly illustrate just how different the same pool finish can look. And I assure you – this is NORMAL! Many environmental factors can have an impact on the color of the water in a pool, like the depth of the water, the time of day, and the pool’s surroundings. The colors of any glass bead or stone accents in the finish will affect the color as well.

Water Depth and Water Color

When you look at shallow water, as on top steps, swim outs, and spa benches, you’re really looking at the pool finish itself and not seeing much color in the water. The water in “play pools” of 3 ½ to 6 feet deep will not have much saturation either.

Even a black pool finish can create a gold-tone water color in very shallow water, but it will change to emerald green in the deep end of the pool. If you use the same finish in a pool and an attached spa, you’ll notice that the water color changes with the depth of the water. The deeper the water, the more dramatic the water color.

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