Outdoor Structures For Luxury Landscape Designs

Outdoor Structures For Luxury Landscape Designs


From Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools

Nothing adds interest, verticality, shade and a focal point like an outdoor structure.  Skilled Landscape Designers will use canopies, gazebos, pergolas as tools in their arsenal to create interest, gathering areas, and to create vignettes in the outoor space.  This post from Cipriano Landscape Design and Custom Pools in New Jersey presents a short treatise on these outdoor structures, and discusses when the various forms of these structures are appropriate to incorporate into an outdoor living space.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

NJ-Based Cipriano Landscape Design Takes A Look At Popular & Functional Outdoor Structures

Nothing quite beats sipping lemonade on a hot summer day in your canopy, pergola, or gazebo. They are the perfect backyard getaway and if they are done right, they will have your whole neighborhood looking to do the same. Entertainment, curb appeal, and added value are all obtainable with the right outdoor structure! This blog covers some great ideas for your new outdoor project.

The traditional white pergola serves as both a shady spot to relax and a place to grow interesting vines. The pergola is more substantial than any arbor but less effort and room then a gazebo. Remember though, the more plants you grow, the more shade you’ll get! Feel free to add some chairs for a relaxing place to beat the heat or even screen them in. The pergola doesn’t have to be the centerpiece either. Smaller ones can be used to accent a deck or outdoor living space with ease by adding a few plants or vines to the structure.