Two Basic Elements of Luxury Pool Design: Stone and Glass

Two Basic Elements of Luxury Pool Design: Stone and Glass

Stone and Glass Design Concepts for Your Swimming Pool

From Pool Services Tech

Swimming Pool Design is constantly evolving.  Just as in other forms of high design, the craftwork and ingenuity of today’s skilled watershapers has elevated to amazing levels of competency.  One of the basic tenets of high design is to use the finest materials available.  Two basic go-to arrows that these designers have in their quivers are Glass and Natural Stone.  This post from Pool Services Tech ruminates about the possibilities that exist when these fabulous materials are incorporated into Luxury Swimming Pool Designs.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Using natural stone and glass can allow you to create some stunning, unique features that can change the entire aesthetic of your poolside and naturally enhance your landscape. Probably the biggest benefit of using these materials is a sense of freedom you that get when designing with them.


There are plenty of options when we talk about natural stone. For instance, a pool deck made of irregular flagstone can create a stunning, natural, rustic look with a personal touch, while dimensional stone can be used if much more precise look is what you are after. If you have your natural stone paving properly installed, you’ll have a long-lasting solution that, unlike concrete, won’t crack. What’s more, you can scale your design quite seamlessly, meaning that you’ll be able to add additional pieces and fan them out around the perimeter if you want to enlarge your pool deck area.

However, designing with natural stone can be quite expensive if you install it all over the place, so if you want to stay on the budget, you should limit its use to, say, only the coping around your pool’s edge. You can either dry-lay stone on a base of crushed stone and sand or mortar it on a concrete base, and it is commonly more cost-effective to choose the former method. Bear in mind that natural stone may also shift and move as time passes, while weeds can grow up between the stones, which can be unsightly if you want your pool deck surface to look spotless. Visit this page to see some amazing stone pool decking ideas.

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