The Lap Pool as High Art

The Lap Pool as High Art

Strokes of Genius: 8 Stunning Lap Pools

Saving space and suited to both serious swimmers and toe dippers, lap pools can be a brilliant addition to the landscape

From Houzz

The Rectangular inground swimming pool, or lap pool, had fallen out of favor for a few years.  Homeowners that wanted the resort-style or waterpark feel to their swimming pool projects, or the lagoon-style pond-type swimming pool, had overwhelming chosen the freeform pool as their design preference.  In a move that is somewhat back to the future in nature, the old-world, european-style lap pool has been coming back into vogue.  This post from Houzz presents a gallery of these types of pools that have been elevated to an artform.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Maybe you long for a pool to cool you off during the hot months, but your skinny yard won’t hold one. Or perhaps you’re an all-business kind of swimmer: You want to get in, plow through your workout and dry off without so much as a winding-down soak. Whichever the case, lap pools — long, narrow pools designed for rhythmic strokes — are your answer. Need inspiration? Check out these eight inventive takes.

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