Time To Make Your Luxury Swimming Pool Bucket List

Time To Make Your Luxury Swimming Pool Bucket List

25 Stunning Pools Worth Visiting In your Life Time

From Architecture and Design

Swimming Pools have become the central attraction at some of world’s most exclusive and fabulous vacation destinations.  Architects and Designers realize the attraction that a spectacular swimming pool amenity can draw, so they have been upping their game at these 5 star destinations.  This post from Architecture and Design gives an amazing compendium of these water paradises, and encourages you to use the list as inspiration for your next getaway.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Thinking of a late summer jaunt? If you do, then don’t forget to consider the following destinations. Known it’s world class service, pools, and breathtaking views.
1 | The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

2 | Berlin’s Arena Badeschiff Pool

3 | Rio de Janeiro’s Hotel Fasano

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