These Amazing Artistic Fire Pits Bring Your Outdoor Living Space To Life

These Amazing Artistic Fire Pits Bring Your Outdoor Living Space To Life

Artistic Fire Pits For Long Summer Nights

From Landscape Architects Network

Outdoor living enthusiasts understand that long summer days can easily turn into cool summer nights.  Harkening back to days of yore, sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows, nighttime can be the most relaxing and congenial time of the day.  Unfortunately, without a source of heat and focus, these summer nights can turn into indoor gatherings, defeating the purpose of having a fabulous outdoor living space.  Firepits are a great way to extend the day, and keep the memories building.  This post from The Landscape Architects Network presents a different spin on the firepit;  one that turns the source of heat and focus into high art.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Landscape Use

The designs by Rick are typically used as a focal point and gathering place in the landscape. While often specified in residential projects, installations by Rick Wittrig also have been incorporated into projects such as the Vancouver Olympics. The installations are intended to provide people with an escape as they take a break from the pressures of day-to-day living. As a node in the landscape, the feature serves as an element of triangulation, bringing together families, friends, and strangers to relax and socialize.

Overall Review

It is important to understand the design inspiration behind each of the products offered by Fire Pit Art, as each is derived from a specific motif, symbol, or facet of nature. These features and others designed by Rick Wittrig can transform a residential landscape into a social gathering space for family and friends.
Similar to a hearth in a home, an exterior fire pit becomes a focal point and anchor in the landscape. These handcrafted products blur the lines between art and function, striking a unique balance of elegance, contemporary style, and function. The company offers a complete line of unique and unparalleled fire pits, including custom pieces, which offer an opportunity to make a bold design statement.

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