Entertain and Dine Outside With Outdoor Dining Rooms

Entertain and Dine Outside With Outdoor Dining Rooms

Outdoor Dining Rooms

8 ideas for creating the ultimate outdoor dining area

From Landscaping Network

Outdoor Living is not a fad, its a way for Americans to enjoy their lives while staying nearer to home.  Over the past two decades, the proliferation of Outdoor Living and Outdoor Kitchens has become completely mainstream.  Newer to this idea of outdoor living, however, is the Outdoor Dining Room.  It just makes perfect sense:  If you are going to encourage family and friends to enjoy your fabulous backyard living area and dine al fresco with you, you’ll need to make an outdoor dining area for maximum enjoyment.  This post from the Landscaping Network presents 8 wonderful design-inspiring outdoor dining area ideas to incorporate into your own outdoor paradise.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Brick Dining Courtyard

With the neighbor’s home only eighteen feet away, the main concern this family was privacy. They wanted to enjoy their outdoor dining space without feeling like they were being watched. The solution was to build walls and enclose the space, essentially turning it into a courtyard. A high, solid brick wall at the rear, provides complete screening, while lower, pierced brick walls provide ventilation and ensure that the dining space feels airy. Edibles are grown in the planters at the base of the walls, making it possible to pick fresh herbs for alfresco meals.

Foodie-Friendly Dining Patio

Designed with food lovers in mind, this backyard dining room has everything necessary for a mouth-watering meal outdoors. When designing your own outdoor dining space, make sure your patio is large enough to accommodate the number of guests you typically entertain. Here, the paver patio graciously accommodates a table for six and still has plenty of walk-around space. Additionally, a built-in grill and buffet counter make it possible to cook and serve the meal nearby.

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