Limited Space For Swimming Pool? Consider A Splash Pad.

Limited Space For Swimming Pool? Consider A Splash Pad.

A New Wave for Splashpads

From Landarchs

Those homeowners desirous of an outdoor splashing experience but who are limited in space are generally relegated to a hot tub, or even a slip-n-slide.  Smaller pool designs are always an option as well, but lap swimming and large groups wanting to use the pool can be a limiting factor.  This post from Landsarchs presents an alternative option that is gaining much interest and traction across the world:  The Splash Pad.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Across the world Splashpads are becoming an increasingly popular amenity. “In North America, Splashpads have been at the top of the list for planned additions at facilities of all kinds for several years running” (Recreation Management 2011). It is no surprise that many have been constructed, as there are significant benefits associated including: the ability to support a healthy lifestyle, the ability to enhance “family well-being,” the ability to provide safe and sustainable play environments, and the ability to substantially lower recreation costs, over an extended period of time.
According to studies, declining levels of play, which have more than tripled since the 1970s, have led to soaring obesity rates among kids aged six to eleven (Ogden 2002). Splashpads, undoubtedly, can be part of the solution since they improve physical, cognitive, and social health. Moreover, Splashpads serve as venues where kids can engage in the recommended sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous play everyday (Stanford School of Medicine 2007). While engaged they bolster their “family well-being” and connection to communities. Evidence from recent research outlines the parallels to play and families. Parents agree that play allows their children to learn and grow while providing parents a relatively stress-free experience and time to relax (Foresters and KaBoom). Yet, parents may ask, are Splashpads safe?

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